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Anglican Amyraldism @PatheosBlog

Technically Amyraldianism is a particular species of covenant theology called hypothetical universalism, more broadly, it allows a Calvinistic view of election to mesh with a view of universal atonement. There is a wonderful tradition of Amyraldian Anglicans who imbibed Calvinism with a Catholic spirit. J.C. Ryle, John Newton, and Charles Simeon are the main examples. …

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Friar, fanatic, despot, martyr, heretic – many are the titles that throughout history have accompanied the name of Girolamo Savonarola, a figure that still baffles many historians both secular and religious to this very day. A Dominican monk sent to Florence in 1481, Savonarola gradually became
the most influential preacher in the city, enthralling his listeners with vociferous disapproval of Florence’s immorality and political corruption.

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