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Friar, fanatic, despot, martyr, heretic – many are the titles that throughout history have accompanied the name of Girolamo Savonarola, a figure that still baffles many historians both secular and religious to this very day. A Dominican monk sent to Florence in 1481, Savonarola gradually became
the most influential preacher in the city, enthralling his listeners with vociferous disapproval of Florence’s immorality and political corruption.

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The Ptolemaic reign of Ancient Egypt undertook two innovative enterprises in Alexandria, the Lighthouse and the Great Library – one to light up the coast’s physical darkness, the other to light up the citizens’ intellectual darkness. While the Lighthouse was a renowned prowess of engineering, the Great Library was at one point the largest vault of human knowledge and the hallmark of Hellenistic scholarship. Comprising dozens of thousands of texts and parchments, the Library stood for centuries as the world’s learning hub.

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