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Lewis Ayres: Is Nicene Trinitarianism in the Scriptures @PatheosBlog

Lewis Ayres gives a great lecture (audio) on “Is Nicene Trinitarianism in the Scriptures,” where he engages with David Yeago, who distinguished between biblical judgment and theological concepts, while pointing out that Nicene theology is an appropriate and coherent reading of Scripture, but its not the only possible reading of Scripture. Lots of interaction with …

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Anglican Amyraldism @PatheosBlog

Technically Amyraldianism is a particular species of covenant theology called hypothetical universalism, more broadly, it allows a Calvinistic view of election to mesh with a view of universal atonement. There is a wonderful tradition of Amyraldian Anglicans who imbibed Calvinism with a Catholic spirit. J.C. Ryle, John Newton, and Charles Simeon are the main examples. …

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