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Editor's Pick

The Sources of Enchiridion Vol. 1, Ranked by Goodreads: Top #30-21

Our Enchiridion – The Handbook series is built around the words of authors and thinkers who helped shape Western culture. Thus we decided to list all thirty sources from Vol. 1 according to their average ratings on Goodreads in order to find out which work is the best among the best!

Special Feature


The fish is a well-known symbol for Christians. You’ve probably seen it displayed in the trunk of cars; if that is the case, then you’ve probably asked yourself also, “Why a fish?” or “What is it supposed to mean?”


Chesterton’s Take on Savonarola

One of the most acute commentaries on Savonarola is made by none other than G. K. Chesterton in his book, Twelve Types. Here the English author distinguishes the historical Savonarola from the moral Savonarola, ignoring the former and focusing almost exclusively on the latter.



“The Bible” Series

Boasting of a talented cast, excellent location shoots and resources that only a company such as the History Channel could provide, The Bible proves to be a solid work of entertainment.