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is the story of Girolamo Savonarola
and his dream of a holy Florence.
Friar, fanatic, despot, martyr,
heretic – many are the titles that
throughout history have accompanied
the name of Girolamo
Savonarola, a figure that still baffles
many historians both secular and
religious to this very day. A Dominican
monk sent to Florence in
1481, Savonarola gradually became
the most influential preacher in the
city, enthralling his listeners with
vociferous disapproval of Florence’s
immorality and political corruption. As his influence grew, so did the
boldness of his claims: he attributed
a prophetic element to them, seeing
himself as divinely appointed to
reshape Florence into a “New Jerusalem,”
and deemed enemies of
Florence and of the Church any who
would oppose him.

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Few works testify the essence and the creative ability of their author as well as The Screwtape Letters, perhaps the most ingenious and underestimated of C. S. Lewis’ fiction books. With razor-sharp wit and clever satire, Lewis uses the imaginary correspondence between two demons to point out both virtues and flaws in the Christian faith, as well as to expound on theological questions from the Adversary’s point of view.

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