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Category: Biblion #9 EN


The Spiritual Mandela presents us the great South African in an unusual perspective, one rarely touched by Mandela himself: the importance of Christian influence in his education. Bishop Desmond Tutu said once that Mandela was very reserved concerning his spiritual life, but this book shows you a narrative filled with facts that contributed to the intellectual and spiritual development of this outstanding figure of modern history.

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EDITOR’S PICK: When Is It Right to Die? – Joni Eareckson Tada

Twenty-five years after addressing to the subject for the first time, Joni Eareckson Tada returns to euthanasia as the main focus of this updated edition of When Is It Right to Die?. She felt the need to come back after learning of the tragic case of Nancy Fitzmaurice, a young 12-year old girl from England who, by the court’s order, had her tube feeding taken away. She died fourteen days later… of starvation.

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