Reassurance to Share Christ with Confidence

The Gospel for Muslims, by Thabiti Anyabwile, is
not an apologetic book. It nonetheless consists of
bringing the Gospel to others, not defensively but
rather by employing a good offensive strategy. Here the
reader will get some support to engage in conversation;
advice on avoiding some common mistakes; biblical
lessons destined to help everyone tell the story of God’s
love and redemption through His son, Jesus.

The most important method in order to be prepared to share our faith with Muslim  neighbors and friends is knowing the Gospel from start to finish. Christians know  the Scriptures but lack confidence in its power. This book is a call to embrace the  confidence in the message of God’s power to save all who believe.
On one hand, The Gospel for Muslims praises the Gospel’s attributes – God,  Mankind, Jesus, repentance, Faith – providing the reader references to the Quran as  well, with a simple introduction and a few basic teachings. Reading this book  along with the Bible will help you focus on key principles. On the other hand, it gives us practical suggestions, useful in evangelistic discussions with Muslims on Bible  chapters, hospitality, the local church and suffering in evangelism. With absolute  reliance in God and the Gospel, we may very well witness the greatest revival among  the Muslim people in history.
Thabiti himself has crossed the gap between Islam and Christianity. He tells his  story in the book, from his conversion to Islam in college and his contempt for  Christianity, all the way to his pledge before Jesus. At that time he sought to equip  himself with every possible argument to ridicule his Christian classmates. It was in this relentless search that he realized the discrepancies found in the Quran and  sought to consult the Bible’s very text. Surprisingly, when he tried to confirm  Mohammad’s prophecies in the Bible, such was not possible and his assumptions were left void of any support, which meant Islam could not be the true
religion. This realization shocked him, and not only did he turn his back to Islam but  to all religions as well. After a period of time in which Thabiti suffered from  depression, the preaching and power of the Gospel finally touched him.
The author gives special attention to the hospitality that the Christian must refine  when dealing with his neighbor, especially with Muslims. If you’re not welcoming,  then learn to be so. Thabiti exhorts Christians to go out and fulfill their call by bringing people of all nations to the knowledge of His son and eternal life,  declaring that in the evangelism of Muslims, unlike what is commonly thought, they  too convert.

Thabiti Anyabwile – MOODY PUBLISHERS