A new year unfolds yet again, and with it, a fire to improve certain areas of our lives rekindles in our hearts. We often see the beginning of the new year as a second chance to accomplish that which was left undone in the previous years. We establish resolutions and start taking action, in hopes of reaching our goals – or, at least, of doing better than the year before.

Yet somehow, we always end up quitting. Whether it’s going to the gym, learning a second language, restoring your relationship with someone and so on, we seem to inevitably hit a roadblock that makes us stop on our tracks. Hampered by our daily routine and by life’s circumstances, we lose the fire that burned within us. Our motivation to grow and develop fades away; we go right back to square one, and we will not seek to change again until the next new year’s day. Round and round we go, in a vicious cycle bound to leave us disappointed with ourselves time and again.

What is the solution, then? Are we just condemned to fail every time we set our eyes on a given prize? No, no, there is one “solution,” so to speak – something called “perseverance.” It is the fundamental attribute to your fulfillment and success; it is also the road less travelled by, a  painstaking and time-consuming commitment made even more insufferable once that fire blazing inside you begins to cool down. Starting is important, naturally. Carrying on, however, is the determining factor between those who fulfill their resolutions and those who fail to grow.

To that end, Biblion is creating an inspirational daily reading project, designed to support all those who work towards a positive transformation in their lives. Whether said transformation is physical, emotional, spiritual or professional, Enchiridion (“The Handbook”) aims to accompany and bolster your progress. Comprising three repeatable 30-day plans,Enchiridion will provide you with unique reflections and features especially made for you, according to the area of your life you are currently seeking to develop. Moreover, each day includes a thoughtful quote from an historical figure, thus complementing the daily theme and reflection; in all, our little “handbook” features more than sixty different authors, thinkers, and leaders who shaped Western culture and history.

More than a mere showcase of quotes, however, Enchiridion is a work of reflection and self-valuation. Its ambitious purpose is to become your “handbook,” a companion in your very own journey, a tool keeping you focused and accountable at all times. Through several unique features, our work will prompt you to take notes, to examine your current situation and consider opportunities and means by which you may fulfill your personal aspirations. By being uplifting rather than patronizing, Enchiridion seeks to help you be your best self, each and every day.

About the Author:

Daniel T. Gomes is a graphic designer and content writer from Lisbon, Portugal. He currently serves as Biblion’s Assistant Editor, having played a crucial role in the magazine since its inception. He is also a self-published author and one of the hosts of the biweekly Broklahomies Podcast.