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In another exclusive, Biblion offers its readers a review to one of the books nominated for the current edition of the North American “Academy Awards” of Christian Literature – the Christy Awards. Miriam, by Mesu Andrews, has been picked as one of three contestants in the category “Historical.”

Mesu Andrews has specialized in giving life to female biblical characters through her novel series “Treasures of the Nile,” as has happened in previous literary successes such as Love Amid the Ashes and The Pharaoh’s Daughter.

One who’s very knowledgeable about the Scriptures, Andrews introduces to us in this fictional book several biblical figures that we thought we knew. The rigor of the descriptions, the character’s detail, the plot’s depth, it all takes us back to Exodus, where dire events for the people of Israel were occurring in Egypt.

Though her name is not commonly mentioned in the Bible, Miriam plays a key role in the Hebrews’ escape from the persecution of Pharaoh’s army. The sister of Moses and a prophetess that took care of the slaves while under the yoke of Egypt was struck by many ills, dying at the end of forty years crossing the desert incessantly.