Are you tired of “fighting the good fight” and
“keeping the faith” without getting visible results?
Do you feel frustrated and disheartened
from running with perseverance the race set before you?
Are you looking for an infallible way to obtain salvation
without having to create a genuine relationship with God?
Even if the answer is “not really,” the first literary work
of satirical website The Babylon Bee is exactly the book
you need to become the “perfect” Christian.

How to Be a Perfect Christian is a genius satire on how an average, run-of-the-mill  believer can become the perfect Christian – at least in the eyes of everyone else. In  the style of famous site The Babylon Bee, the book is an ironic and exaggerated guide to all who seek to reach the pinnacle of Christian perfection through religion and appearances.

From picking the right church and joining the best fitting small group to dealing with children’s  education and evangelizing non- believers, the work is indubitable and thorough in enlightening the reader of  how a true “saint” lives in our days. The  book even includes a “holiness tracker” at the end of each chapter in  which the reader is compared to several biblical characters, and where  he can evaluate his current progress.

More than a “guide,” How to Be a  Perfect Christian is an unnerving warning about a snobbish  way of thinking not too different from  that of the Pharisees in Jesus’ time, and which is deeply rooted in the hearts of many  believers today. Through subtle satire, the authors sought to point their  fingers at current practices that are being undertaken lightly, but that also stem  from a haughty, self-centered perspective. Many of the behaviors “recommended”  by the book for the “perfect” Christian – such as only listening to contemporary Christian music and reading “Christian” literature because secular music and books are automatically the Devil’s work – reveal a lack of maturity in faith and, at the same time, a dependence in works and personal  merit; nonetheless, these and other equally noxious behaviors continue to develop in the minds of many believers.
Probably one of the best and most original works of 2018, How to Be a Perfect Christian shows with equal measure of detail and humor that the Christian is perfect  in the eyes of God by merit of the Christ, who once immaculate gave himself  up for the salvation of every believer. It’s two hundred pages that blend fun and  introspection seamlessly – a mixture you won’t want to miss!

The Babylon Bee – MULTNOMAH