O U R   I D E N T I T Y


Who We Are
– Biblion is a free, quarterly digital magazine that promotes healthy
literature and reading habits.
– Created in 2016, Biblion is an initiative undertaken by Portuguese
publisher Unique Creations, and enjoys the support of both resident
and guest collaborators.
– Currently, the magazine is on its tenth issue, with Digital (Issuu)
and Interactive (Joomag) versions available in Portuguese (EU) and
English (US)


What We Do
– Reviews concerning books deemed beneficial for the reader’s
intellectual and/or spiritual edification;
– Interviews of authors, pastors and personalities involved with the
development and spreading of Christian literature;
– Articles relative to ethical and religious subjects;
– In-house content production;
– Dissemination of both Christian and general literature;
– Endorsement of reading habits for all ages.


Our Mission
– Promoting Christian literature and its production in European
– Stimulate the publication of works from Portuguese authors;
– Encourage the practice of “fair pricing” and make literature available
to everyone’s financial conditions;
– Promote wholesome reading habits;
– Host the healthy dialogue among different perspectives.


How You Can Help
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