At a time when we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we delve upon the approach of renowned author Tim LaHaye concerning the disappearance of His body as crucial evidence of His existence and divine nature.
This Fourth of April marks fifty years of that fateful morning in which that notable character – Martin Luther King, Jr. – was murdered. In this issue, we will discover the historical events that shaped his life and the impact they had toward the end of racial segregation.
In the exclusive interview conceded to us, Greek author Anastasios Kioulachoglou tells us of how he learned that “small is the gate and narrow is the path” in the struggle of pursuing a true Christian life. It will make for a pleasant surprise to learn the story and work of this author who, more than twenty years ago, founded a ministry within the student body of the University of Leicester, where he was finishing his thesis. That fledgling sharing of God’s Word developed into a publication – the Journal of Biblical Accuracy, which is translated today into 18 languages.
Once again, it is heartwarming and dear to us at Biblion the chance to bring subjects of undeniable relevance to our readers.
A blessed Easter, and a joyful reading!