In spite of it all we persevere, on behalf of readership!
Our current issue is the tenth in Biblion’s two-and-a-half year history. It’s not bad, yet we wish we could have done even more since our inception.
Nevertheless, we feel that we “got the job done” for the trailblazing way in which Biblion developed through the promotion
of reading habits, books and authors. Don’t believe me? Let’s see:
Despite the sparse diffusion of Christian literature, Biblion has already presented about 200 books, authors and publishers to our audience.
Despite our limited resources and manpower, Biblion has made its contents available through the magazine, on its website and through the BiblionApp.
Despite the size of our country, Biblion has expanded its scope by releasing an English version that has been read across more than 100 countries.
Despite the dwindling state of Portuguese book production, Biblion was the only Portuguese publisher to celebrate the 500 years of Protestant Reformation by translating Martin Luther’s “On the Freedom of a Christian.”
Despite all of this, and despite what may follow… we carry on, for the “cause” of healthy reading!