Summer is for many people a time of vacation, of evasion, of rest, of distraction, of abstraction. It’s a time of temporary detachment from daily life, from schedules and stress.
We long for and need a time of recovery after a year of continuous pressure and weariness, proper of modern day’s lifestyle.
Trips to the beach, strolls on the countryside, family visits, and seeing new sights are  among the pastimes and activities most find pleasant. And yet, there is always still some spare time left.
This spare time, this dolce far niente, may very well become fruitful when accompanied with a healthy, edifying activity, such as reading a good book.
With no impairing side effects documented, the practice of reading regularly, even on a break, promotes inspiration, knowledge, motivation, and happiness. It helps reinforcing the soul and, while at it, recharging the batteries as well. And it is certainly a leisurely activity that helps us grow internally.

Good readings and a good break!