The arrival of the New Year is deeply connected to new resolutions, to commitments we make for ourselves, and Biblion is no exception. We too want to embrace 2018 with the hope that our goals will be achieved. Loyal to our commitment towards Christian literature and towards our readers, we want to see our magazine reach unexpected places and audiences and motivate more people to read.
To make that happen, Biblion is launching a series of measures and initiatives that will take place throughout this year. On top of the magazine’s expansion, these measures seek to maintain Biblion’s integrity and autonomy as an independent magazine whose main purpose is the promotion of literature in regard to the reader’s intellectual and spiritual maturing.
Biblion also seeks to devote itself more to the magazine’s means of dissemination, placing greater emphasis on website, mobile app and social networks starting this month of January. A substantial design and layout overhaul is in progress, its goal being the refinement of our graphic content’s quality. Lastly, we want to see a larger share of guest collaboration and add more voices to each magazine’s issue.
Of course, all this involves a compromise of time and resources – and this becomes a situation where, as they say, we need to take a step back in order to take two steps forward. This means going back to the magazine’s quarterly publishing format, a decision that will ensure the magazine’s quality and contribute to its constant improvement – two things that Biblion values more than the number of issues published in a year.
As the reader can witness, we are committed to make 2018 a memorable year, and we want you to join us in this magnificent journey. Here are our sincere wishes of health, peace and joy, and we hope you have a great 2018!