Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the launch of the first edition of Developing the Leader Within You, one of the most influential leaders in
the business world, John Maxwell, brings a whole new and improved version to a new generation of readers.
The book has for the most part been rewritten, while retaining the basic foundations of the teaching which formed the basis of the original volume. Its content is now more focused on requirements sought by those with top-level responsibilities, a particular concern to make the reader a more effective leader.
Checking out an update that is justified, Maxwell included two new themes, essential for those who want to specialize: Service and Personal Growth. Surely the reader will see a rapid improvement in its capabilities, its efficiency and impact while in the exercise of its functions. In the introduction, the renowned author and lecturer recalls the importance
of the five levels of leadership that he intends to lead: position, permission, productivity, personal development and reputation (Pinnacle).
Throughout the book, Maxwell systematizes the ten professional development pillars that are fundamental to the affirmation of a leader within his or her organization. From Influence to Attitude, to Vision and Character, to Mastering Problem Solving, to Service to People, the author provides precious ethical values that guide his own conduct. Their experience in creating significant positive change between teams and in institutions, priorities as the key to the team management process, or the necessary and expensive self-discipline, are dissected in detail, instructing the reader about the secrets behind a demanding position, where the reputation factor decorates a few with the status of true leader.
John Maxwell devotes a special chapter to the personal development of the leader, so important aspect so that he can reach the fullness of his abilities throughout his career. Giving the example of the cellist Pablo Casals when asked why he practiced several hours a day, he answered: “Because I feel that I am progressing.” Continuing to develop your professional skills is the best you can do for yourself.