Michael Ross, the experienced American author,
has a vast number of literary works dedicated
to the family and youth. In a previous issue
(Biblion #5), we have already presented his laudable
devotional Tribe: A Warrior’s Heart for teenage boys. Now,
together with his son Christopher, a brilliant student and
an expert on Minecraft, the game that attracts kids and
grown-ups from all over the world, Ross has made a manual
destined to the younger audience with sixty “secrets”
to win, both in the game and in life.

In short chapters, the Ross’s offer a detailed record of their adventures in Minecraft,  sharing useful tips with the readers to overcome the challenges of this virtual world,  as well as those that they face in their everyday lives. Split into two areas – Gameplay and Real-Life – the sixty survival secrets that make up Building Faith,  Block-by-Block are structured with an adventure of the player character “Dragee90”  in Minecraft, along with a “secret” for every area, a “Best Tip” to improve playability, and three special suggestions of Bible reading to meditate on how to live life fully and with wisdom.
Gameplay Secrets help the reader succeed in the virtual game. Real-Life Secrets  relate the topic to the real world, where the character shares a story, a challenge, a  conquest in his life. These end with a Bible verse and a question to meditate on or to
discuss with friends.

Michael Ross & Christopher Ross – HARVEST HOUSE PUBLISHERS