RT warns of the detrimental repercussions that Trump Administration’s proposed tariffs on Chinese goods can have on the production of children’s books and of the Gospel.

Publishers fear that these tariffs will limit the printing of these books and dramatically increase their prices.

“There is no viable alternative to printing the holy text in China, where some 50 million copies are issued annually, with about 20 million of them going to the US. And not only Bibles, but also children’s books are likely to feel the impact of increased tariffs, as these also need special techniques and materials, publishers warned.”

Keep in mind that China’s communist regime has continuously opposed the spread of Christianity, yet the country is currently the largest producer of Bibles in the whole world, the vast majority of these Bibles being exported worldwide – but mainly to the US.

Read the original article: https://cstu.io/d07dca

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