Are you a Christian convinced that God will never
give you more than you can handle? Or do you
happen to believe that He just wants you to be
happy? These and other pervasive clichés have taken
root in the Church, becoming well-meaning platitudes
at best, but crippling notions at worst. Drawing on his
experience as pastor, counselor, and family man, Shane
Pruitt breaks down nine of the most common unbiblical
remarks Christians believe to be true, in an attempt to
curb the well-meaning ignorance behind these assertions.

In an extremely accessible manner, 9 Common Lies Christians Believe demonstrates the truth behind some of the most banal statements usually made by Christians. Things like “follow your heart” and “God has gained another angel” may be well-intended, but they hide ideas that are both inaccurate and damaging to the Christian faith. As such, pastor Shane Pruitt has taken upon himself the task of examining and exposing nine of these lies for the whole world to see.
From the concept of biblical happiness to the nature of celestial beings, Pruitt addresses the several different subjects underlying these misleading notions. While quick to determine the fallacies found in these statements, the author gathers immense support from both Scripture and his own life experience in order to provide a plausible explanation. His reflections also draw from the stories of people he knows and/or has ministered to, thus bolstering his claim that these banalities have no place in the Church.

A simple yet eye-opening read, 9 Common Lies Christians Believe calls for a true reality check on how all members of the Church ought to hold themselves accountable about what they say. Trite, vapid remarks such as these do not strengthen the faith; on the contrary, they show a degree of levity incompatible with genuine belief and knowledge of God’s Word, and to that effect Pruitt’s new book could not be more demanded.