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THE MOST IMMERSIVE AND TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED MUSEUM IN THE WORLD Buy at Amazon and Save! <br /><br /> INTERACTIVE DIGITAL GUIDE A mobile app created exclusively for the Museum of the Bible. Allows group coordination as well as individual and family customization. VENUE MUSEU DA BÍBLIA LOCATION WASHINGTON, DC ANCIENT BIBLE MANUSCRIPTS A number of original biblical texts, including P39 (p.oxy. 1780) and the Greek Psalms Codex, known as P. Bodmer XXIV (Rahlfs 2110). The Wyman Fragment (Uncial 0220), one of the oldest manuscripts containing Romans 5:1 – a key passage in the Protestant Reformation. MEDIEVAL MANUSCRIPTS The Codex Climaci Rescriptus, a manuscript written in the...

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O MAIS IMERSIVO E TECNOLOGICAMENTE AVANÇADO MUSEU DO MUNDO <br /><br /> GUIA DIGITAL INTERATIVO Aplicação móvel exclusivamente criada para o Museu da Bíblia. Permite a coordenação de visitas em grupo, personalização individual ou para famílias. ATRAÇÃO MUSEU DA BÍBLIA LOCAL WASHINGTON, DC OS MANUSCRITOS ANTIGOS DA BÍBLIA Uma sequência de textos bíblicos originais, incluindo o P39 (p.oxy. 1780) e o Greek Psalms Codex, conhecido como P. Bodmer XXIV (Rahlfs 2110). O fragmento Wyman, uma das mais antigas cópias de Romanos 5:1 – passagem-chave durante a Reforma Protestante. MANUSCRITOS MEDIEVAIS O Codex Climaci Rescriptus, manuscrito que contém textos bíblicos e clássicos, entre os sécs. Sexto e Oitavo, em Aramaico e...

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INTERVIEW: BRIAN RUSSELL – Executive-Diretor of YouVersion’s Bible App

BIBLION 5 MAIS LEITURA TÍTULO BIBLE APP AND BIBLE APP FOR KIDS AUTOR YOUVERSION To get acquainted with the Bible App, who’s better than it’s Executive Director to answer our questions? Biblion shows what you need to know to fully use this important tool – for personal use, at church and with children. We will begin work on Portuguese (European) soon and plan to release that app version in the first half of 2018. [ ABOUT THE BIBLE APP FOR KIDS ] Brian Russell Executive-Director, YouVersion's Bible App THE BIBLE APP 1: PERSONAL USE The YouVersion Bible App has achieved astounding numbers: 280 Million downloads, more...

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EDITOR’S CHOICE: Tell It Slant, by Eugene Peterson

TRIBUTE TO AN EXCEPTIONAL AUTHOR     #5 ENGLISH VERSION TITLE AS KINGFISHERS CATCH FIRE AUTHOR EUGENE PETERSON Great scholar of God’s Word and author of The Message, Eugene Peterson seeks the profound wisdom inherent to several aspects of the language employed by Jesus, and makes it known to us in this excellent book, “Tell It Slant: A Conversation on the Language of Jesus in His Stories and Prayers”. WITH SO MUCH teaching He transmitted, Jesus did not leave any writings of his – he only spoke. The author begins with that in mind, bringing us to another dimension of communication, be it spoken or written. Later...

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BY DANIEL T. GOMES Buy Audio CD at Amazon and Save! <br /> #5 ENGLISH VERSION TITLE THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA AUTHOR C.S. LEWIS THE WORLD OF C. S. LEWIS “A World Like No Other” “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” “Kingdoms Large and Small” NARNIA AND OUR WORLD “An (Almost) Eternal Conflict” “Cause and Effect” “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” CONCLUSION  NARNIA THE WORLD OF C.S. LEWIS Discover the fantastic world of C. S. Lewis that conquers the hearts of kids and grown-ups even today (contains spoilers!) “A WORLD LIKE NO OTHER” Lantern Waste One of the biggest icons of...

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POR DANIEL T. GOMES English Version &amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt; BIBLION 5 MAIS LEITURA TÍTULO AS CRÓNICAS DE NÁRNIA AUTOR C.S. LEWIS O MUNDO DE C. S. LEWIS “Um Mundo Sem Igual” “Os Bons, os Maus e os Vilões” “Reinos Grandes e Pequenos” NÁRNIA E O NOSSO MUNDO “Um Conflito (Quase) Eterno” “Causas e consequências” “Entre a Espada e a Parede” CONCLUSÃO  NÁRNIA O MUNDO DE C.S. LEWIS Descubra o mundo fantástico de C. S. Lewis que ainda hoje conquista corações de miúdos e graúdos. (Atenção: contém “spoilers”.) “UM MUNDO SEM IGUAL” Ermo do Candeeiro Um dos maiores ícones de Nárnia, o Ermo do Candeeiro...

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O PRÍNCIPE DO PARADOXO English Version <br /> BIBLION 5 MAIS LEITURA TÍTULO ABCs OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE AUTOR G.K. CHESTERTON ABCs of the Christian Life – The Ultimate Anthology of the Prince of Paradox, publicado nos Estados Unidos pela Ave Maria Press, é uma antologia sobre um autor incomparável, cujo estilo desconcertante, e ao mesmo tempo tão apaixonante, cativa leitores curiosos por livros que desafiam o seu conforto racional. LOGO NA INTRODUÇÃO, Peter Kreeft avança três pessoas que, pelas suas personalidades e intelecto, são absolutamente únicas e distintivas: Jesus Cristo, Sócrates e G.K. Chesterton. Uma afirmação elucidativa, no que respeita a Chesterton, mas aquilo que para o comum...

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Review: Timothy Smith – The Chamberlain Key

One of the notable people who not only praises the work and the author’s laborious research, but also contributed to the author’s success in this endeavor, was no other than Eugene Ulrich. The chief editor of Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls is one of the three individuals with complete authority on this subject. Ulrich, who dedicated his life to the Hebrew Scriptures, the manuscripts and the Septuagint, not only confirmed the authenticity of Timothy P. Smith’s sources, namely those in the Masoretic Text (“tradition,” in Hebrew), based on the Codex Leningradensis – the oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible – as well as the Aleppo Codex, though without most of the Pentateuch. The Masoretes noticed discrepancies between the Hebrew and the Aramaic, thus creating a codified matrix, making sure that each verse, word and letter were meticulously calculated, which conferred a rigorous consistency to the Masoretic text. It is universally accepted today as the authentic Hebrew Bible, having been elaborated in Talmud schools between the seventh and tenth centuries AD, with the purpose of transmitting the true message of God to future generations. Throughout the book, Smith describes extensively his overall steps when it comes to the interpretation of archaic biblical texts, particularly verses 20-23 of Genesis 30, an interpretation whose authenticity is assured, not only by Ulrich, but by several other scholars who in some cases may have...

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